O.D Kobo

Director in British Virgin Islands

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O.D. Kobo (קובו עודד)

Internet entrepreneur and businessman.

Business interests range from Internet to private equity to property, with nearly $1 billion in exits.

Born in Hong Kong, raised in New York and London. Founded several China-based investment companies, namely KGIM and SinoSheen. SinoSheen had successfuly invested in tech giants Tencent (HKG: 0700) and Netease (NASDAQ: NTES) pre-IPO before being acquired for $52 million in 2006 by Fidelity UK. KGIM partnered with HH Al Thani Prime Minister of Qatar before it too was acquired in 2010 by East River Capital (a subsidiary of the Qatar Investment Authority) for $120 million.

Mr. Kobo was a shareholder and Director at UK property conglomerate Camden Market Holdings (now Market Tech LON: MKT) which was acquired in 2014 for $680 million.

Also in 2014, Mr. Kobo sold Pheed - a mobile pay-per-view technology to América Móvil (NYSE: AMX) for $40 million.

In 2015, Mr. Kobo founded Shellanoo Group, a technology venture builder based in Israel, partnered with businessmen Roman Abramovich and Gee Roberson.

Mr. Kobo is a Partner at PIR Equities, an employee owned real estate private equity group.


Tech Exits (over $250M):


eLottery sold for $900,000 in 1997

KISP sold for $2.2M in 2001

SinoSheen sold for $52.5M in 2006

iQ Browser sold for $32M in 2008

KGIM sold for $120M in 2010

PHEED sold for $40M in 2014

BLINDSPOT sold for $28M in 2016

上路电台 sold for $4M in 2016


Real Estate Exits $680M:


Camden Market Holdings sold for $680M in 2014


Start-up capital raised (over $118M):


KGIM raised $25M (2002-2004)

SinoSheen raised $8M (2002-2006)

Koolanoo Group raised $40M (2006-2009)

2C3i CDN raised $10M (2008-2009)

Shellanoo Group raised $35M (2014-2015)

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